Security Square Mall

Go shopping at one of various different stores that are dedicated to a variety of interests at the Security Square Mall. Located in Woodlawn, MD, this is a mall that features a number of retail options from both national chains and a few smaller places that are different from what you can find in other shopping spots in the area.

Head to one of the five anchor stores around the corners of the mall. These places offer a number of fashions and home products for all parts of your life.

Take a look at the many smaller retailers in the middle part of the mall. There are more than a hundred different places ranging from kitchen supply stores to cell phone stores. You can even find a few restaurants in the middle part of the mall, thus making it a truly full-service place in the City of Woodlawn.

Go to the Seoul Plaza region at one corner of the mall. This two-level area is home to a number of ethnic shops. It was originally made with a Korean focus but over the years has evolved to include a more diverse array of shops that are unlike anything else people can find around shopping centers in Woodlawn, Maryland.