Travel to the western end of the City of Gaithersburg and relax for a while at the Seneca Creek area. This important stream moves directly into the Potomac River and heads right through nearby Washington DC. It is a body that has been kept up quite well over the years.

As you visit this part of Gaithersburg, MD, you will notice a number of attractive features that make this a standout place. Look for the Seneca Quarry, a place that produces red sandstone materials. These include some items that were used in the construction of the Smithsonian Castle in Washington DC.

Enjoy a fine boating trip along Seneca Creek. There are many dock spaces along the creek although fishing is frowned upon in a few spots around here. The area is especially great for small canoes and kayaks as the waters are gentle and light while still being shallow in a number of spaces as you travel along.

Look for different trails that move their way along the body of the creek in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A few of these trails are more than ten miles in length. Some of them are fully paved to make them enjoyable and fun for a variety of cycling events.