The Shops at Kenilworth

Enjoy a good time shopping at the Shops at Kenilworth while in the City of Towson. This is a mall that has been in operation since 1979 and continues to offer a number of quality places for shopping. It has dozens of shops and has expanded over the years.

Head around the mall to enjoy shopping at one of the many high-end retailers around the place. This mall in Towson, MD focuses on the more high-end types of products you’d expect to find at a shopping mall. These include a variety of jewelry products, formal wear and much more. The products for sale are refined and appealing to people with all sorts of great tastes. You can even enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant or take in a quick snack at the dessert bar in the middle of the action.

Look for the special events that are hosted by this mall in Towson, Maryland. The events that are held here throughout much of the year include a number of appealing events that showcase new fashions or celebrate different times of the year. The Shops and Kenilworth always posts information on its website about the newest things that are available to check out at different times of the year.