Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station

Travel back in time to a rail station in Silver Spring, MD that is designed in a way similar to that of older train stations that served the B&O Railroad. The Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station is a landmark that was built in 1945 and is right on the foundation of another structure from a few years earlier.

Notice the strong Victorian influences on this station. The beautiful brick exterior blends in well with other buildings around the City of Silver Spring.

Look around the waiting room to get a great idea of what old time rail travel was like. Much of the furniture inside the room dates back to the original opening of the rail station. The old recessed lighting fixtures are still intact to this day as well. Many other parts of this historic building are available for tours throughout the year.

Don’t forget to notice the old loading platforms and train tracks along the station in Silver Spring, Maryland. These include tracks that were used for both the B&O Railroad and for Amtrak services all the way up to the year 2000. There is an underground tunnel that connects parts of the station as well although that tunnel is not open to most people.