Sparrows Point Country Club

Travel to the Sparrows Point Country Club outside Dundalk, Maryland to enjoy a great round of golf. This is a popular place for number of enjoyable activities.

Located not too far from the site of an old industrial site owned by Bethlehem Steel, this course is located not too far off of Bear Creek and Schoolhouse Cove. The country club is home to a large clubhouse that offers a relaxing place for people to meet at. It is especially ideal for anyone to relax in after a good round of golf.

In terms of playing golf here in the City of Dundalk, the country club has a beautiful layout that includes a few courses. Each course has a series of holes that straddle along the creek. Most of these holes are straight in their layout but each has its own distinct arrangement that is appealing. It makes for one of the best golfing experiences for anyone to have while in Dundalk, MD.

Enjoy one of the other recreational activities found around the club after a good round of golf. There is a small pool right along the waterfront. You could even try out your golf swing at the large driving range on the northern end of the club.