St. Catharine House

Travel back to the tail end of the Civil War while in the City of Waldorf as you visit the St. Catharine House. This historic property was built in 1865 and is available for tours today.

Learn about how Waldorf, MD played a key role in the events following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It was at this house where Dr. Samuel Mudd treated John Wilkes Booth on April 15, 1865, one day following Booth’s assassination of the president. It was also here where Mudd was arrested for engaging in a conspiracy to protect Booth.

Look around the building in Waldorf, Maryland to see how patients could be treated. This includes a look at the place where Booth had rested for a period of time. Learn about how medical treatments were given and how people could have been hidden in the area.

A number of artifacts relating to Booth and the death of Lincoln can also be found around the facility. These include many old items relating to the investigation and old news reports and illustrations. See a few of the artifacts relating to Mudd’s trial for conspiracy and learn about how he narrowly escaped the death penalty for his crime.