See the great Strathmore art complex around the southern end of Aspen Hill, Maryland. Located along the edge of North Bethesda, this iconic venue is home to various performances from some of the most famous performing arts group in the region.

Hear shows throughout the year by such groups around Aspen Hill, MD such as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the National Philharmonic and the Strathmore Hall Foundation. The organizations perform numerous classical works of music from all the great masters.

As you are at the Strathmore complex in the City of Aspen Hill, travel over to the mansion of the same name. Built in the region around the late nineteenth century, the Strathmore mansion is available for tours. Visit the local chamber music room and see the antique 1850 piano on display. The piano is still fully functional as it was restored in 1994. Look around the columns and porticos around the Neo-Georgian-style building as you walk along its grounds.

The Outdoor Sculpture Garden is a part of Strathmore worth visiting as well. It includes dozens of sculptures from local artists with a variety of intricate designs, thus making this place an appealing site in Aspen Hill, MD to see.