UMBC Concert Hall

The Earl and Darielle Linehan Concert Hall, or the UMBC Concert Hall as it is also known, is a popular place for various entertaining music performances. It is home to a full orchestra pit and space for nearly 400 patrons to enjoy performances at while you are in Catonsville, Maryland.

See shows from the university symphony orchestra. The orchestra includes a number of art students who perform various classical and modern works from all sorts of masters from different corners of the world.

Numerous performing arts shows are held around the year including a number of entertaining theater and musical shows. The schedule of events being held at this venue will vary throughout much of the year and include some entertaining activities of all sorts. It is an exciting place to look forward to visiting while in Catonsville, MD thanks to the many great things that are held here.

You can easily find this concert hall as you are in the City of Catonsville. Head to the campus of UMBC right on the southeastern end of Catonsville. The venue is immediately distinguished by its cylindrical shape and outstanding series of windows and other fine accents that make it immediately noticeable.