United States Atomic Energy Commission Building

The United States Atomic Energy Commission is no longer in operation but it is still a key part of the history of Germantown, MD. While in the city, take a look at the old United States Atomic Energy Commission Building.

Learn about the history of the commission’s time in Germantown, Maryland while at the building. The commission was in the City of Germantown from 1958 to 1975 as there were worries about the Soviet Union potentially attacking Washington DC, thus prompting the commission to be relocated to Germantown.

Tour around the building to learn about how atomic energy is used and how it was utilized by the United States for all sorts of scientific endeavors. These include projects relating to how energy can be used as a weapon or how it may work for powering up different devices. The versatility of atomic energy is clearly a point that was especially a key focus for those who worked in the building.

See how the city of Germantown grew with the commission and also how the commission was discontinued over time. The history of this place is a fascinating point to see when traveling around Germantown and seeing all sorts of historic sites.