United States Naval Academy

As you make your way through the City of Annapolis, be sure to see the beautiful United States Naval Academy. This is a massive school that is home to the country’s naval forces. It is a vital place that is important to the country’s military and is even available for tours.

Schedule a tour around this attraction in Annapolis, MD and see some of the many important halls and buildings all around. See the massive Bancroft Hall dormitory, the largest such school dorm in the world. Head into the Chapel and see the tomb that John Paul Jones is buried in.

Visit Alumni Hall to see various sporting events and other performances dedicated to the military. See what is happening at the Bob Hope Performing Arts Center.

View the many impressive and respectable monuments around this site in Annapolis, Maryland. The Tripoli Monument, Gokoku-ji Bell and Tecumseh Statue are among the most important features to find around the academy campus.

Pay your respects to the fallen at the local cemetery. This is where a number of people who have served in the Navy are buried at. Find the statues of various famed admirals and other leaders of the Navy at this cemetery.