US Naval Academy Museum at Preble Hall

Visit the US Naval Academy Museum at Preble Hall in Annapolis, Maryland to see some of the most appealing model ships in the world. Operated by the United States Naval Academy, the hall is open throughout much of the year and is only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

See the extensive variety of great model ships at this museum. This attraction in the City of Annapolis highlights ships from the past and present. The scale models are designed with a strong attention to detail in mind to highlight some of the many intriguing features that have helped the United States have one of the world’s greatest naval forces.

Learn about the history of ships in the United States at Preble Hall in Annapolis, MD. The museum has been in operation since President James K. Polk organized the collection of naval flags in the area. This is an attractive collection that highlights many flags that are symbolic in a variety of ways for navigational purposes and for combat use.

Many different trophies of war can be found here as well. These trophies include old pieces of various ships. Look at the exploration and survey papers and see some of the numerous art pieces dedicated to naval activities.