Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Learn about how the nation’s heroes had been cared for at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. This large complex was utilized until 2011 as a hospital for the many members of the United States military. It was named after an army major who discovered how yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes.

Tour the old building to learn about how a number of different treatments were utilized for the nation’s wounded military members. Look around to see where many patients were housed in as well as their various treatment stations. There are nearly thirty acres of space around the area.

See some of the different artifacts and exhibits dedicated to medical treatments and how they have evolved over the years in the City of Bethesda. You will be impressed over how the field of medical care has changed over the years and how many people have been supported by medical experts of all types.

Visit the research institutes and libraries in the medical center to learn more about how it was organized. You might be able to find information on any old military members in your family who might have been served here in Bethesda, Maryland.