See the extensive collection of paintings and other works of art at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts when you are in the City of Hagerstown. Check out the great selection of paintings with the displays varying by season.

Enjoy looking around the museum with your family for free. The museum is always free to visit as it relies on donations from the public and from private vendors.

See the many paintings from a number of different eras. There are numerous works of art ranging from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. It includes works of art from the United States as well as from Europe, Asia and Africa. Impressionist paintings are highlighted here as well as more modern Art Deco designs. A few sculptures, including ones from Auguste Rodin, can be found at the museum in Hagerstown, MD as well. The various art pieces highlighted here are rather diverse.

Look for different special events throughout the year at the museum here in Hagerstown, Maryland. The museum hosts a variety of musical performances, art exhibitions from touring groups and film presentations. Art classes for adults and kids are available throughout the year with some camp events available for kids during the summer season.