Washington DC Temple

Located just north of Washington DC is one of the most important temples for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Washington DC Temple in Bethesda, MD is a large place that was built in 1974 and is nearly 300 feet in height. It features a number of noticeable points on its corners and a vast worship space.

See the spires as they reach into the sky while the Alabama marble base adds a quality touch to its appearance. Much of the temple was heavily inspired by a similar LDS temple in Salt Lake City.

See the Festival of Lights during the month of December. This is a massive attraction in the City of Bethesda as it hosts a massive light show and display with a distinctive look all around. The Mormon Choir of Washington DC also performs during this event every year.

Visit the library at the temple while in Bethesda, Maryland. Like with many other LDS temples, this building has an extensive research library where people can find information on their family histories. This can help people with filling in various gaps in their genealogy trees. Appointments can be made to help you get more information on your personal history.