Wheaton Metro Station

If you’re looking to get from the City of Wheaton to any spot in the Washington DC area then you are in luck. The Wheaton Metro station is your ticket to everything that the region has to offer. The station is part of the mass transit system that serves Washington DC.

Take the Red Line train that heads through Wheaton, MD out to different spaces around the DC area. Head south to Gallaudet University or Chinatown. Keep moving over to the National Zoo or back into Maryland to reach Bethesda or Rockville. Regardless of where you go, you can get off from the Red Line onto any other line that the Metro offers, thus ensuring you can get anywhere on the Metro network from here.

Head up or down the escalators to get to the underground station in Wheaton, Maryland. Feel free to take your time as the escalators are the longest in the Americas. These are about 230 feet long and close to 100 feet in height. Also, notice how there are separate tunnels for each direction that the trains go in, a point that is different from what you might see in other Metro stations. This creates a general appearance that is similar to what the city of London uses in its Underground stations.